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Image film

Powerfull presentation of your company  in an image film.


About Image Films


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Who needs an image film?

Anyone wishing to shape the image of a brand, company, or a product needs an image film. Image films, also known as corporate films / corporate videos, are like no other marketing tool. They are a brilliant way to convey messages to your target audience. Thanks to YouTube and other social media outlets, these films have become an integral part of image-building.

What does it take to produce an image film?

Sometimes it takes good nerves and a lot of coffee– but you’ll definitely need the right idea and a great team. Making an image film is a very personal task and requires a lot of trust. That’s why close contact and careful consultation of the customer is our first priority. Every film and every project is unique. Therefore, open and honest exchange about the wishes and possibilities of a film production is extremely important in advance. Films following a stale, off the shelf template are not our thing. Trust our nearly 30 years of experience in film production in the creation of your film.



You already have an idea? We can build on it. Still looking for an idea?
No problem! Our creative dibs.de team is at your disposal. The right idea is the foundation on which the whole production is based. Our copywriters and filmmakers will use this idea to develop the script.
We love to tell stories and won’t stop until they are brought to life. Working closely together with you, we set the project goals, the time frame, and the budget. We write a shooting schedule, assist in the coordination of resources, and remain at your side throughout production. For us, an open and honest relationship with our customers is the foundation of every film project.


When the preproduction is finished, we get to start the actual filming! Our camera teams consist mostly of full time employees and have been working closely together for years. The acamnetwork_ is a big family where everyone knows each other’s strengths.

We value a pleasant and professional atmosphere on the set. For a successful shoot, you don’t only need the best equipment, but also that the human element has to be right. We believe that a harmonious cooperation and a personal touch are more important than five stressed production managers.