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Image films

Corporate videos for corporate communications, product films, trade fair films, event films, recruiting videos and more.

Everything about image films

Clear the stage for your company, your product! Whether films for a PR campaign, a trade fair, an important event or for recruiting: corporate videos touch and convince. Let us put you in the spotlight with an image film!

Who needs an image film?

If you want to create – or improve – the image of a brand, a company or a product and stand out from the crowd, you need an image film.
Image films or corporate films / corporate videos are one of the best marketing tools to convey your message to the audience in a short and impressive way. In times of social media, videos as an image-building tool are indispensable.

camerman filming a skyline
tightrope walker in a studio

What do you need to produce an image film?

Sometimes good nerves and lots of coffee… but in any case the right idea and a great team. It is a very personal and trustworthy task to make a corporate film. That‘s why contact and advice to the customer is our top priority. Every film and every project is unique. Therefore an open and honest exchange about the wishes and possibilities of film production is extremely important. Off-the-shelf image videos are not our thing. Trust in our almost 30 years of experience in the realization of film productions.

Do you already have an idea?

Then we will build on it. You are still looking for an idea? No problem, our creative team of is at your disposal. The right idea is the cornerstone on which the whole production is based. Our writers and filmmakers develop a story and a screenplay from this idea.
We love to tell stories and take the time to bring them to life with you. Together with you, we plan the entire project at eye level:

  • Goals
  • Time frame
  • Budget

We write a shooting schedule, help with coordination and are always available to answer your questions. An open and honest relationship with our clients is the basis of every film project for us.

cameraman at an ainport
cameracrew on a plane

How does the production go?

When all the preliminary work is done, the actual shooting begins. Our camera teams are largely made up of permanent employees and are perfectly attuned to each other through years of experience. The acamnetwork_ is one big family, in which everyone knows each other‘s strengths. We attach great importance to a pleasant and professional atmosphere on set. For a successful shoot, you not only need the best technology, but the human side must also be right. Harmonious cooperation and personal contact are more important than five stressed production managers.

What does an image film cost?

This is the question of all questions – and cannot be answered in a generalized way. The scope of costs is calculated from various factors that influence pricing in different ways. To stand out from the crowd you need a high-quality film that presents your company in the best possible way. But quality has its price! A good, experienced camera team, as well as the necessary equipment, are only two of the many areas where you should not cut corners when producing an image film. Nevertheless, the final result still depends on the demands and ideas of the customer. Therefore the price for an image film production is as individual and unique as your project. Ofcourse we are happy to advise you and adapt the video production to your budget. So don‘t hesitate to contact us today by e-mail or by phone!