Graphics and design

De | sign [disain; Lat.-fr.-engl.]: The art of composition.
For a strong visual appearance, no matter what medium.

Graphics and design

De | sign [disain; Lat.-fr.-engl.]: The art of composition. For a strong visual appearance, no matter which medium.

acamnetwork_ MAUSMEISTER.COM

Creation of graphics for animated explainer movies


As children, cartoons were used to teach us complicated concepts. Today in the digital world, animated explainer films help us learn in the same way. They break down complex topics and make them easy to understand.

Augmented Reality - Connection between online and print branding


Overcome borders! With our multi-media solutions, you not only capture attention, but also create a bridge between your print and online presence.

Design of logos, printed advertising and marketing materials


Making content tangible. Create logos. Develop a relationship to your brand. We produce a lasting impression for your printed advertising material.

Creative design: explainer films, graphic design, augmented reality or print materials by our specialists MAUSMEISTER.COM

Because graphics are important, even for film productions, at acamnetwork_ we have our own graphics department: MAUSMEISTER.COM.
We supply all the graphics needed for your film.   

  • Our special passion is explainer films: we develop the characters and create the drawings that bring your message to life.
  • Future trend augmented reality: Our graphic designers design your app to bring print and film together to create a great experience for your senses.
  • We make the final product for your film: We design labels and covers as well as the DVD menu (authoring) for CDs / DVDs.
    We also replicate the data and prepare your video for the internet (encoding).
  • Finally, we create promotional material for marketing your film: We offer logo design, flyers, brochures and posters.



You can find our explainer movie on YouTube.

Our creativity for your communicative presence

Our graphic designers need little more than a pen and a piece of paper to sketch out new ideas and create a new world.
Ideas become drawings, drafts become animations and from there, unique print and film projects are born.

Our graphic designers

Domenic Cortes Becker

Wilka Koch

Maria Mildenberger