explainer cinematic

Your message in a crisp, concise explained film!



explainer cinematic

Your message in a crisp, concise explained film!

All about animated explainer films

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Interested in an animated explainer film?

So, you have a fantastic idea and you’re eager to share it with the world. But let’s be honest– the idea is abstract and somewhat complicated. An animated explainer film is just the right tool for the job!

An animated explainer film is particularly well suited to breaking down complex topics and making them easier to understand. The necessary information can be summarized made more succinct. The use of simple graphics focuses on the essentials and leaves more room for the clear communication of your message.

A  traditional film, with live actors and real locations, is not always ideal for sharing complex ideas. Sometimes these ideas even involve future projects that can’t easily be shown in the real world, and the cost for an adequate production would be too high.

With an animated explainer film there are no travel costs, no screen actors on the clock. The production is not dependant on the weather and the imagination is, in the truest sense of the word, limitless.

This is how it works!

You tell us what you would like to portray in your film, and our team of experienced copywriters, graphic designers, and filmmakers will get to work. We create a concept and suggest different character styles for the implementation. Then, our graphic designers sketch the drawings according to your wishes. In post production our specialists breathe life into the animations. Together with the matching music, sound effects and the narration, a modern and appealing film is created, perfectly transporting your message. We pride ourselves on service and will remain by your side from the creation of the idea all the way though the production. We are happy to offer you consultation and make you a non-binding offer.