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Corona precautions

Special times require special measures… This also applies to a film production. Therefore, we thought about this at an early stage and, together with the Health Department and the Regional Council, we developed a catalogue of procedures that would make productions possible under the current circumstances.

What is acamnetwork_ doing to avoid Corona?

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Contributors should consider the following before starting the actual production:

    • 2 weeks before the start of filming, knowingly avoid contact with a person that is infected by corona
    • Currently no cold- or flu-like symptoms or medically unexplained respiratory problems
    • Obligation to leave the studio premises / location immediately if cold / flu /respiratory symptoms occur
    • Strict adherence to the security measures handed over

Rules of conduct during production:

In principle, the number of people should be reduced as much as possible.
Only team members who are absolutely necessary to the production have access to the set.
When possible, the same people will always work in a team. Overall, this also keeps the number of people on the set as small as possible.
The entire team is equipped with protective masks and disinfectants. In addition, it will be ensured that soap for washing your hands will always be available on site.
The production distributes masks (disposable surgical masks, FFP2 masks or fabric masks) for all team members, protagonists and artists and informs about the correct handling. All team members have to wear them while they’re on the set, the protagonists/artists have to wear them during breaks.


    • Everyone must disinfact their hands when entering the set.
    • All protective masks are changed after a maximum of 4 hours.
    • If possible, the entire set will be regularly ventilated.


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minimum distance

Maintain minimum distance:

We pay very close attention to maintaining the minimum distances between everyone involved. During the entire time on the set, everyone has to make sure to keep at least 1.5m distance to all people. If the situation and space allows, a minimum distance of 2m should be maintained.

    • Cameras are set up and operated with at least 2m distance to each other and to the protagonists.
    • Devices (especially cameras) are operated by one person only and are not exchanged among each other.
    • If possible, we won’t employ a make-up artist on the set.
      This means that we have the basics with us so that the protagonists can powder themselves. If a make-up artist is absolutely necessary, then the following applies: the make-up artist is equipped with an FFP2 mask (without a blow-off valve!) and gloves, may use tassels, brushes, etc. for one person only.
    • Protagonists wire themselves under the guidance of the sound assistant.
    • Lapel microphones are disinfected after use.
    • Hand microphones are disinfected after each user.

There will be no “normal” catering but only food that is individually packed. All participants are asked to keep the greatest possible distance from other people during the meal and to spread out over the available space. There should never be more than three people per room at the same time during breaks. Or: During the meal, each person present should have at least 10m² of space available in the room.
At the end of a shooting day or whenever a new constellation is to be created in front of the camera, tables, chairs and all other props are disinfected as much as possible.
After the camera shoot, all cameras, sound and lighting equipment is disinfected.