Animated explanatory film

An animated explanatory film for product presentations, project concepts, infographics, guidelines, instructions, educational films, tutorials – for e-learning, e-commerce and social media.

Everything about the animated explanatory film

Does not work, does not exist, even in a video. Is your topic too abstract, too complex or too elaborate for a real film? An animated explanatory film can do that. Your idea brought to the point in a short and crisp way.

You want an explanatory film?

You have a fantastic idea and are eager to share it with the whole world!
But let‘s be honest: the idea is very abstract and complicated.
Then an animated explanatory film is exactly the right tool.

What are the advantages?

An animated explanatory film is particularly suitable for conveying complex topics in a way that is easy to understand and makes them tangible. The content can be brought to the point briefly and concisely. The use of graphics and the reduction to the essentials leaves more room to convey your message.
It is often difficult to illustrate such content in a real film. In some cases, these are future projects that do not yet exist in the real world, or the costs for production as a classic image film would be much higher than for an animated film.
The advantages of animated explanatory films are obvious: there are no travel expenses, no actors that have to be hired and paid, the production is weather independent and there are, in the truest sense of the word, no limits to the imagination.

And this is how it works!

You tell us what you would like to convey with your film and our team of experienced writers, graphic designers and animators will work with you to develop an idea and provide you with advice and support in its implementation. From this idea and first scribbles, we develop a concept for you and suggest different art styles for the implementation. In the next step, our motion designers realize your ideas and breathe life into them. Together with the appropriate music, sound effects and narration, a modern and appealing animated film is created that perfectly conveys your message.

Do you already have an idea?

Then we will build on it. Our graphic design team at is at your disposal to realize your unique ideas. Our graphic artists and motion designers will develop a storyboard and a suitable style from your idea.
We would love to tell your stories and take the time to bring them to life. We help with the coordination and are always available to answer your questions.
Let us make you an offer without obligation!

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