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Aerial photos

Videos from a surprising perspective: UAV recordings with our professional camera drones for detailed and inspiring aerial images.

All about aerial photography

Aerial shots with the camera drone take the viewer into new spheres. Exciting and stimulating. Make your project fly with a professional drone film!

Drone videos: From 100 meters above the world looks completely different!

The view of the world from above, when cars and houses look like toys, is always very surprising and fascinating for the viewer. Aerial shots cast a spell on the viewer. Give your film a new perspective.
We produce spectacular and professional aerial images in 4K. Not only in Frankfurt and Rhein-Main, where we are at home as a service provider. But wherever you need it for your drone film.


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Drone professionals at work

As a company for professional aerial photography, our drone operators are all highly trained and educated, because it takes a lot of precision and a lot of practice to capture the best possible perspectives in drone video.
Our pilots are specialized in producing stunning images that take the viewer‘s breath away.

Our drones

The following drones are used by us:

  • DJI Inspire 1
  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional
  • DJI Phantom 3 Advanced
  • DJI Phantom 4 Professional
  • DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
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Flying drone

Aerial photos: Progress makes it possible!

In the past, a helicopter with the appropriate equipment had to be booked for aerial photography, which exceeded most budgets. Due to technical progress in the development of drones and cameras, these images can now be produced for a fraction of the cost.
The fascination of such images has not diminished, on the contrary.
Camera drones reach positions that a helicopter could never have reached.
Enrich your corporate film with a breathtaking perspective!
As specialists for professional aerial photography, we plan the cinematic realization together with our customers and are at your disposal as your contact throughout the entire production process. With our central company headquarters in Frankfurt / Rhine-Main, we are quickly on the spot – wherever you need us for your drone shots.
We would be happy to advise and prepare a personal offer for you.

What costs are incurred compared to an image film?

This cannot be answered in a generalized way. The cost of a drone film is calculated from various factors that influence the pricing in different ways.
To make your aerial shots stand out from the crowd, we offer you a high-quality air film that presents your company in the best possible way. A good, experienced camera team as well as the necessary equipment are only two of the many areas where you should not cut corners when producing a drone film. Nevertheless, the final result still depends on the requirements and ideas of the individual customer. Therefore, the price for an aerial photo production is as unique as your project. Of course, we are happy to advise you and adapt the production to your budget. So don‘t hesitate to contact us today by e-mail or by phone!

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